What’s Your Style? Vintage Bathroom Elements

Vintage style design is classic, cozy and elegant. Before today’s indoor plumbing and bathroom vanities, there was a basin (or bowl) and a pitcher sitting atop a dresser for cleansing hands and faces. Vessel sinks are great because they appear to be like a bowl on the counter.

Undermount sinks can also work well in a vintage bathroom, especially in an aged wooden vanity.

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Dressers can be retrofitted with sinks for a genuine vintage vanity. Remember that you’ll lose the center drawer space because of pipes and the sink body. This example features a shelf to help get some storage space back.

If you can’t transform a dresser, use one as it is for storage.

Other quintessential elements of vintage design are a clawfoot tub and black and white tiles. These fixtures have a classic vintage shape with a fun touch of color, perfect for ensuring it doesn’t feel outdated.

White tiles can be balanced with black accents or trim.

Content provided by Julia Ritzenthaler

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