Trending: Unique Bathroom Wall Design Ideas

Statement wall, accent wall, focal point — whatever you call it, make it interesting. There are several choices for bathroom walls today. Wallpaper is making its comeback and tile now comes as an eco-friendly option, so there’s no reason to limit yourself when sprucing up a dull bathroom. Combinations of tile, paint, stone, glass, and wallpaper will guarantee your bathroom is unique and gorgeous.

A good guideline for where to split two materials is the chair-rail height (about 1/3 of the way up the wall). A busier or darker pattern on the bottom and a lighter one above will ensure the room doesn’t feel weighed down.

Tile and river rock are perfect partners for shower enclosures. Continuing the river rock onto the floor creates a non-slip shower as a bonus!

This stone backsplash harmoniously blends with the smooth tiles.

Framing a section of stone with molding and paint is like having built-in artwork.

Onyx and marble mingle in this stunning shower.

Copper tiles nest between stone and wallpaper here.

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Content provided by Julia Ritzenthaler

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