Color Series: Adding Green to Your Bathroom

I bet you haven’t heard that green can be paired with anything. Green might seem like a bold, independent color, but if you think of how we see greens in nature, you’ll change your mind. If you’re not ready to paint your living room or bedroom green, try starting with an accent wall in one of your bathrooms instead! Also, consider green tiles, green accessories, or even green cabinets.

Green pairs especially well with wood. They combine to create a space reminiscent of the outdoors.


Photo by TKP Architects

Dark greens are grounding and sophisticated, great for a master bathroom retreat. Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, green will work!


Photo by Karen Beam Architect LLC


Photo by Luis Pons

Try a brighter green to bring energy into a child’s space.


Photo by The Sky is the Limit Design

Or give dinner guests an unforgettable visit with a neon green powder room!


Photo by MN Builders

For an extra dramatic touch, try a “green wall.” The humidity of your showers will likely be enough to keep something like this thriving, but some installations involve a trickling water feature.


Photo by Janet Paik

Green cabinetry might seem scary at first, but green can work well as a base in any design. Nature scenes like flowers in a meadow or a bowl of freshly picked vegetables are proven color schemes.


Photo by Flegel’s Construction Co., Inc.

Many manufacturers offer green tiles in various textures and patterns. Install some green tile to perk up any bland bathroom instantly!


Photo by Rossington Architecture

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Content provided by Julia Riztenthaler

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