Pulling Off A Pattern In The Bathroom

When it comes to style in the bathroom many go for a traditional look and use basic colors as décor. Here we will discover how to properly use patterns throughout the space as well as matching accessories. The first step is of course color.

Choose at least two colors that compliment each other well, for example, black/white, blue/yellow, and pink/purple. Any colors can be used but in order to keep the room interesting it’s best that they match up well in a contrasting way.

Check out this bathroom pinterest.com,

bathroom pattern
Image from: pinterest.com

see how they used black and white zigzags to achieve a unique but well thought out design. It appears they used zigzag wallpaper and positioned it to go into alternating directions. This effect gives the illusion of a secret room that only you know about. The rest of the bathroom is matched up perfectly with black and white accessories. A small black shelf looks great under a black-framed mirror; the homeowners continued the theme with a black faucet how cool is that.

The floors were taken a step further using black and white tiles. It still gives the overall black and white look but separates it self from the wall. Even the vanity blends right in using black as the base color with an accenting white sink. Even though the powder room is small this pattern makes it appear longer thus giving the illusion that it’s bigger at first glance.

Finding the right pattern for you bathroom is easy, pick something you can live with long term, trendy patterns go out of style quickly and you may want to change it in a year or so. Choose a design that compliments your style or something that can be found somewhere else in your home.

It’s important to use solid colors within your accessories they tend to match your patterned walls better. If your walls are busy you don’t want the room to look too confusing with busy accessories. Again use only a few colors, multiple colors will be overkill and unappealing. Keep it simple and do something fun, experiment with designs. Gather ideas from magazines or big box stores for inspiration, bring those ideas into your bathroom. This will give allow you to preview the look before you start a big decorating project.

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