How to Store Toiletries With a Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sinks are not outdated. In fact, despite their clear lack of storage, they’re actually a popular option in a lot of smaller spaces and can provide a great minimalist design appeal. They are also affordable, which is why some people choose them, and why you’ll often see them in rental properties and commercial spaces. … Read more

Spring Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Spring brings with it the beauty of new life and new beginnings – it only makes sense that home renovations, including bathroom remodeling, are popular during these months. As the world is waking up from the winter season, people are getting out of their houses, opening windows, and feeling like they’re ready to let go … Read more

Bathroom Hacks Everyone Should Know

The bathroom is a hot topic of discussion—it’s one of the most popular selling features of a home, it’s one of the most used spaces, and it’s got some of the worst dirt, grime, and clog potential of any room in the home. Fortunately, for as much stress as there is around the bathroom and … Read more