Makeup Organization in the Bathroom


If a single lipstick and mascara are all the makeup you need or own, you can skip this article. If not, you need some sort of system to keep track of all the wonderful self-esteem enhancing beauty products you own. Here are a few unique tips to help you keep on top of your makeup items:

  • Check out this DIY Make-up magnet board. Hang this next to your vanity mirror. With everything on display right in front of your eyes, you don’t have to ever worry about not finding the right eye shadow or brush.
  • Another great way to organize your makeup is to get a storage box similar to these Muji acrylic drawers and stands. They are transparent, so you can see exactly where everything is stored. They also have the right type of compartments to organize your makeup brushes, lipstick and other cosmetics
  • Repurpose a spice rack or buy a suction storage caddy to organize your nail polish.
  • Oprah has a few great tips to organize your makeup:
  1. Hang it up: Hang an over the door shoe organizer on your shower door and use its deep pockets to store anything from your mascara, lipstick collection to your curling iron.
  2. Hit your nearest hardware store and get a chest with translucent drawers next to the nuts and bolts section. Even though not as glamorous as your makeup, it is convenient way to organize and store them.
  3. Put a Rubbermaid cutlery tray in your vanity drawer and stash your lip pencils, eye liners and makeup brushes in different slots.

Organization is the key. Use these organization tips and you never have to rummage around for the right product on a busy weekday morning.

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