YouTube Channel Of the Month: Organized Like Jen

Owned by Jennifer Ross or simply Jen, this channel has organizing tips for every room in your house. Like Jen says in her profile, she likes all things contained and labeled. A place for everything and everything in its place is how she works. Armed with to-do-lists, sticky notes and a boat load of containers, Jen home is an organized person’s dream. Her channel:

Pretty Neat Living

Jen lives in Chicagoland suburb with her husband Don and their Shih Tzu cutie-pie, Winnie.  She is a housewife with a self-professed obsession for nail polish. Organization is a creative outlet for Jen. Her sunny personality is contagious and comes through in the videos she posts.

Featured here are a two of her bathroom organization videos.

  1. Small Bathroom Organization:

    In this video Jen shows you how she organized a smallish bathroom in their family vacation home in Utah. It contains great tips on how to effectively use drawer dividers and containers for storage and to allocate a shared space. She also has links to all the products purchased for the project listed in the video. The video is very detailed and gives you a complete picture of the project.
  2. Annual Bathroom Touchup

    This is a very interesting video. Organization is not a one time job. It needs regular touch ups, improvisations, tidying up and vigilance to make sure that everything does not go back to what it was before you organized. In this video Jen goes through all her bathrooms, she goes through all the cabinets, drawers and storage and notes down all things that needs to be re-organized, de-cluttered, retouched or improved. Then she goes on to give an after tour explaining all the changes she made.

In addition to the youtube channel, she writes three different blogs. A blog about organization,, a blog about Winnie and a blog about her nail polish collection Staying true to nature, she even has a post on how to organize blogs.  All in all, this channel is worth following as it has great affordable tips anybody can incorporate when organizing their homes.

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