Organizing Bathroom Countertop

A well-organized bathroom countertop with all necessities easily accessible is what you need to make your busy mornings easier. Read on to find out how to make this happen!

  • Take an inventory of all the things you use in the morning or whenever you are in a hurry to get ready. Keep those on the countertop for easy accessibility and store others in the cabinet or drawers below.
  • If you are sharing the bathroom, divide the space, possibly as left for you and right for me, and plan for storage solutions on both sides.
  • Separate your makeup into everyday makeup and other makeup. Store your everyday makeup on the countertop and store the rest in clear plastic drawers in the cabinet below.
  • Organize your everyday makeup in a makeup organizer. For this, you can either get clear drawers or you can get a cosmetic organizer.

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  • Do the same for your creams and lotions. Only keep your regular use of lotion and cream on the countertop. If you have more than one of the same, keep one on the countertop and store the rest away.
  • Buy a Polder Style Station to keep your hair dryer, flat iron and curler handy. It can be hung from a towel rod or kept freestanding on your countertop. Since it has a steel mesh and silicon base, you don’t have to worry about putting your hot dryer or iron in it immediately after use. If you were to store it in a plastic container, you would have had to wait for your apparatus to cool down to prevent it from melting away the plastic. The other great thing about this holder is that you don’t have to worry about folding away the cords. It has a rear bin with a split compartment to individually store the cords.

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  • A cotton swab dispenser is also a nifty solution for your everyday needs.
  • Get a multi-level organizer caddy for your other countertop must have items such as electric toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, razor, shaving gel, etc.Image from:

Before you take any of these steps, the first thing to do is purge unnecessary items such as old makeup and expired creams from your collection.

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