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For many of us, our lives continue to fly by in a fast pace of juggling work, family, friends, and hobbies. The cliche “if only we had another hour in the day,” is still used often; and the general sentiment is that we are all so busy¬†all the time.

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It comes as no surprise then, that one of the latest trends we are seeing in interior design is that of the revival of french country. French country surroundings reflect a slower, more laid back lifestyle, that many of us are longing for. If you’ve peeked at any sort of visual social media sites like Pinterest¬†(click through to check out our French Country board) or Houzz, you’d have noticed that these images are quickly gaining in popularity.

So what sort of style traits fall into the french country category? What sort of objects could we find to use in our own renovations/re-decorations?

Well, if your home already reflects a more rustic, antique decor theme, you may not be too far off. French country styles fit perfectly into already cottage type feels, along with a touch of elegance. Here are some points to consider when styling your french country room:

French Country Kitchen


  • Use of natural materials and fabrics (think natural wood accents and/or furniture and/or floors, sisal rigs, etc.)
  • Distressed finishes
  • Metals that will patina over time
  • Ornate mirrors
  • Patterns (included on draperies, rugs, or furniture)
  • Cozy but elegant (think rustic yet romantic)
  • Beaded chandeliers
  • Apron front sinks
  • Detailed accents on stone work or wood features
Monte Paraiso Rectangular Antique Silver Leaf Mirror


Submitted by: Hillary Hansen

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