Bathroom Hacks Everyone Should Know

The bathroom is a hot topic of discussion—it’s one of the most popular selling features of a home, it’s one of the most used spaces, and it’s got some of the worst dirt, grime, and clog potential of any room in the home. Fortunately, for as much stress as there is around the bathroom and keeping it clean, there are just as many hacks and helpful tips to simplify it for everyone.

From a good routine cleaning to serious deep cleaning, clogs, and even upgrades and updates that can improve the space, we’ll cover it in this guide. For convenience, we’ll even break it up into three sections: cleaning, storage, and comfort hacks. First up, let’s talk about cleaning.

95 Inch Traditional Double Bathroom Vanity with Travertine

95 Inch Traditional Double Bathroom Vanity with Travertine

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

How to Unclog Bathroom Drains?

Did you know you could unclog drains using a common cold and stomach medicine? That’s right, original Alka Seltzer, when combined with a cup of white vinegar, can remove all kinds of gunk from your drains. There are no harsh chemicals, and it’s a quick, easy fix. Just use two tablets, then rinse with hot water after 10 minutes.

How to Clean Bathroom Mirrors?

Get beautiful mirrors with a fog-free finish with this hack: use shaving cream (not gel). Apply a thin coating to the mirror, then wipe it off with a paper towel. This keeps them fog-free for up to a week at a time! And let’s be honest; you’ll probably want to clean them by then, anyway.

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Balkan Modern Gold Wall Rectangular Mirror

Balkan Modern Gold Wall Rectangular Mirror

How to Remove Calcium Buildup in the Bathroom?

How about that stubborn calcium buildup? You’ve got a solution if you’ve got sandwich bags and white vinegar. Put a bag around the faucet or showerhead and pour white vinegar until the fixture is covered. Wait about 30 minutes, and it should have broken up all the residue. If not, wait a little longer; it should come off.

How to Remove Soap Scum?

Are grapefruit and dryer sheets on your cleaning supply list? They should be! Grapefruit is great for cleaning the tub. The citrus and acidic nature of the fruit helps break down stubborn dirt and grime. Get the tub wet, pour salt in, and pour a little salt on half a grapefruit. Then, use the grapefruit to scrub the tub, and the scum will come right up. Try it on your tiles too. Dryer sheets on the glass shower door or curtain can help scrub off all that soap scum and prevent it from building up in the future.

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67 Inch White Acrylic Tub

67 Inch White Acrylic Tub

Bathroom Storage Hacks

What are Good Storage Options for Small Bathrooms?

One of the best storage hacks brings in an element from your kitchen: the spice rack. These racks are also perfectly sized for toiletries and common bathroom products, making organization easy. You can hang these on the walls or even on the inside of cupboard doors to save space.

You can also use a multi hook rack that goes over the bathroom door or on the back of the door to hold towels. This will free up wall space for towel racks and offer more storage that’s out of the way. What about a magazine rack? No, not for magazines (well, yes, if you want, but that’s not where we’re going). In this case, we’re talking about it storing your blow dryer when you install it on the back of a cabinet door.

You can even install a bookshelf over the door for additional space – store things that you don’t use often or that someone tall can reach. Or you can just mount shelves on the wall. And as for those pesky counters, we again turn to the kitchen for inspiration. A plate holder is a great way to free up vanity counter space and stack and store items you use regularly so that they don’t have to be put away and pulled out all the time.

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bathroom storage utilizing wall space

Bathroom Comfort Hacks

Now, let’s talk about how to keep your bathroom comfortable for everyone. Whether it’s cleanliness, odors, or anything else, you want a space that’s not unbearable. If you’ve got people who spend a little longer in the bathroom, mount hooks or a small shelving unit across from the toilet to hold a tablet and/or smartphone (because who doesn’t take theirs to the bathroom these days, honestly?).

Speaking of that tablet, dry out the sink and put your smartphone or speaker in there to pump up the volume. It’ll give the sound somewhere to echo off of and create impressive music from just about any device. And keep sandwich bags handy for tablets, speakers, and other electronics in the bathroom so they don’t get wet, too.

Finally, for the comfort of everyone, let’s talk about privacy. Putting a few sheets of toilet paper in the toilet before going to the bathroom reduces splashing and noise. That means the bathroom stays cleaner, and your private business stays private. And if you want to make sure that you don’t leave an unpleasant smell behind (or walk into them!), add a few drops of essential oil to the toilet roll. That way, a fresh scent will be released whenever someone uses the bathroom.

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Blue and Green Magnolia Glass Vessel Sink

Blue and Green Magnolia Glass Vessel Sink

The Bathroom is Your Domain

Ultimately, you can make your bathroom the ideal space if you’re willing to take the time to try out a few new ideas. The Internet is full of tricks, hacks, and DIY inspiration for how to improve your bathroom. You can do so much to make the space more liveable, comfortable, and enjoyable. These are just a few of the most popular hacks floating around. These hacks will get you started if you want to create a cleaner, more functional space. You don’t need to worry about stocking up on harsh cleaners or making huge renovations because a few little tricks and tips can go a long way.

Whether you’re tired of cleaning the scum, out of space, and not sure where to find more, or just trying to make the most of your bathroom for what it is, these hacks are just the start. Get moving and get more out of your bathroom without spending a fortune.

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