White Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

white vanities

White vanities provide a great opportunity to experiment with contrast. Colorful sinks and faucets are a budget-friendly way to introduce pops of color, and they can be altered in the future with less hassle than a countertop or bathtub.

Wall paint can help you highlight your white vanity. In this example, the wall space is small enough that the dark color is not overbearing, and the bright flowers help liven up the space. Just be mindful of the ratio of dark wall space to lighter elements – like mirrors, windows and white trim.

Colored mirrors work great with white vanities. Any color will work – coordinate towels or accessories to create a perfect oasis.

Stone tiles will add texture and warmth around your white vanity.

Flooring options are endless with a white vanity. Darker tiles will highlight the vanity, while white tiles will generally make the room feel larger. As an alternative to tile, wood floors will provide warmth, and eco-friendly materials such as cork flooring can be used in a bathroom if they are installed properly.

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