Transitional Style Vanities: Thoughts and Considerations

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58 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity in Mango Wood

Designing a new bathroom can be a daunting task sometimes, especially when you’re torn between a traditional and a modern look. A good thing to do might be to check out come transitional styles and designs. This may be the perfect combination of traditional class and modern beauty. It’s a very simple look, not too ornate as most traditional styles seem, and also not as streamlined and straight as most modern styles are, still seeming as a piece of furniture for your bathroom.

60 Inch Mission Style Double Sink Vanity in Espresso

When designing a space with a transitional style, you will be putting together the perfect combination of modern and traditional looks and feelings. While it is a combination, it’s not as simple as just combining the two styles. It’s important to understand that it is its own unique style. Here are a few tips to consider when designing a space transitionally.

60 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity with Choice of Countertop

A transitional style doesn’t rely on a vast amount of colors, or bright colors to stand out. This style actually calls for less color to create a very clean, brisk tone. Whites, tans, and dark brown are colors usually used in this style. The point of this design is for simple sophistication so when considering other pieces of furniture, it’s important to look for pieces that exemplify that thought.

60 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity with Dark Mahogany Finish and White Marble Counter Top

Let’s take a look at a bathroom example of the transitional design style. There could be a standing shower and separate tub. The tub would have a traditional look with smooth corners to give a calming flow. The shower will have a large modern, walk in shower with a spa like steam room feel. Accessories are to be specifically picked, as with this style, there is a “less is more” thought process.

A transitional style is the perfect way to combine a modern and traditional design. This style allows for your space to still be hip, while keeping the core values that you want it to feel. It’s a great fit for a bathroom, bedroom, or any living area!

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