How To Remove Wads Of Hair That Are Stuck In The Tub Drain?

Clear the clog!

If you yourself or a family member has long hair, chances are, you’ll need to regularly remove wads of hair from your tub drain. Though often times, it doesn’t seem like we are losing much hair, we do shed and much of this is caught in our tub drains. We’ll be blunt about it: This is a pretty disgusting job. If you’ve ever pulled out one of these masses of hair coated in soap and scum, then you know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t—it’s certainly not the worst job to tackle, but you can pretty much count on frowning as you pull it out. The most eco-friendly way to complete this task to is to purchase a drain snake and work it down the drain. You’ll probably need to take a few passes at it to make sure you’ve got it all. Additionally, if you find you’re having the same problem with your small bath vanity, you can use the same item. The non-eco-friendly way is to pour liquid plumber or something similar down the drain which will chemically eat away at the clog and also the inside of your pipes and then flows into our water system.


Contributed by: Randy Ritzenthaler

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