6 Ways to Maximize Your Bathroom Space!

23 Inch Single Sink Bath Vanity in Caramel Bamboo

We recently got in touch with Jared becker, VP of Design at Walker Zanger, to offer up a few quick tips on how to maximize space in a small bathroom. Here are the tips he had to offer!

  • Use dark colors: Dark saturated colors actually make a room seem bigger.  Make sure that your bathroom has nice lighting though, or else the room may feel more like a cave.
  • Create a dam-less entry into the shower: By carrying floor material all the way through the shower, there becomes an uninterrupted flow of tile that visually stretches the length of the room.
  • Install wall mounted faucets: Incorporate a counter with a large sink by using wall mounted faucets and plumbing. Not only will this maximize space, but it will also give a custom look to your bathroom.
  • Utilize large format tiles on the floor: Larger tile will make the space feel larger and limit the amount of grout within the space. An excessive amount of grout will attract unwanted attention by the eye.
  • Select a larger vanity: Contrary to what you may think, when selecting a vanity, choose one of larger scale with a counter that reaches across the room and fills the space.  Just because it is a smaller room, doesn’t mean you want use smaller vanities or sinks.
  • Choose an accent wall: Do a floor-to-ceiling application of continuous pattern that will create a flow within the room. With one constant flow of pattern, you avoid chopping up the room and making it feel smaller.

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