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  • How To Have A Masculine Bathroom

    Bold stripes and colors, a dominant black design element, linear, minimalistic contemporary décor and leather finish are images that come to mind when designing a masculine bathroom.

    1. Floor: Concrete floor with an aged leather look. Concrete floors are long lasting, pretty much maintenance free, moisture resistant, stain resistant and allergen resistant. All in all, exactly what a bachelor pad needs.
    2. Wall: Paint 5 inch black and white stripes on the wall behind and front of the vanity. Paint the other free wall black and make your shower stall area white. Or add texture to the walls with faux painting techniques. Choose a color that complements the aged leather floor. Display photographs of cityscapes or some scenic setting.
    3. Vanity: Sleek, functional and modern. Something like this bathroom vanity or bathroom vanity . Use a deep set basin that accommodates larger hands.
    4. Vanity Mirror: Something simple and in straight lines: rectangular or square. Go with a frameless mirror or a mirror with minimal chrome framing mirror for a timeless and unique look.
    5. Tub: Install a Jacuzzi or get a free standing metal tub and install a state of the art flat screen television to create a masculine retreat.
    6. Shower: Go for frameless shower enclosures. Not only is it a breeze to clean, it gives you bathroom an open feel.  Tile the shower area with alternating gray and white tiles. Another masculine choice would be smooth charcoal tiles or black and white mosaic tiles. If you are using shower curtains, go for a monochrome neutral or dark color. Shower curtains made of heavier materials such as canvas are a better choice for a masculine décor.
    7. Window treatment: Frilly window treatments are a no-no in a masculine bathroom. Go for roman shades or blinds. Another option is frosted glass or argon-charged one-sided glass.
    8. Accessories: Chrome or brushed nickel finish is the go to choice for faucets, towel bar, toilet paper holder, handles and knobs. Install a waterfall shower head. Combine it with a rectangular minimal chrome faucet faucet. Stack extra-large fluffy towels. Heated towel racks add a thoughtful touch. Pick out toothbrush holder, soap dish and trash can in masculine themes that include fishing, golfing, light houses etc.

    Finally, pamper him with a small mini-bar fridge next to your tub and a video game console with all the latest games.

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