How to Choose a Modern Vanity for Your Powder Room

The vanity is one of the most important elements in your powder room or bathroom, for several reasons. Not only are you more limited on space in a half bath style powder room, but you’ll have different needs in terms of storage, style, and function. Just as with the main bath, you have tons of … Read more

Trending 60 Inch Bathroom Vanities

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6 Ways to Maximize Bathroom Space

In the bathroom, there is always someone who has an issue with space — usually, there’s just not enough. So, for those of us who aren’t able to build large bathrooms the size of a bedroom that include all the dreamy spa-like features that we want, including floor space for days, how can you make … Read more

How to Clean White Marble in your Bathroom

White marble is a beautiful and highly functional choice for your bathroom. However, it can sometimes present its own challenges, including proper care and cleaning. This material makes such a beautiful, timeless look in any space, including bathrooms. However, marble counters are different from marble floors and there are several cleaning considerations for each. For … Read more

Are Bidets Worth It?

The bidet is still a mystery to many, and a marvel to even more. But, what people really want to know is whether the investment is worth it. There’s no short answer here. There’s a lot to consider, starting with understanding what a bidet is and what it does, as well as the different types, … Read more

5 Best Shallow Depth Vanities for Your Bathroom

There are so many choices when it comes to getting a new bathroom vanity. However, there are also several factors that you can consider to help you narrow the options. If you’re limited on space, a shallow depth vanity might be the ideal solution. In this article, we’ll talk about what these vanities are, how … Read more

Are Pedestal Sinks Outdated?

In the world of bathroom trends, pedestal sinks haven’t been getting a lot of attention until more recently. They were once the preferred choice for small spaces or a stylish minimalist look, but then they were quickly taken over by the popularity of vanities that offered extra space and storage that was so essential in … Read more

What Type of Bathroom Vanity Tops are Best?

When you’re considering an upgrade for your bathroom vanity, finding the right top can prove to be a daunting task. Whether you are doing a full renovation of the bathroom or just upgrading the vanity, you’ll find plenty of great bathroom vanity top options available today. However, because you have all of those options, it … Read more

7 Ways To Brighten Your Dark Bathroom

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How to Create a Bathroom Remodel Budget

There’s nothing like remodeling a bathroom to get your creative juices flowing. You immediately start tearing through home decor magazines, pouring over Pinterest boards, and looking for any reason to scope out your friends’ bathrooms. Next thing you know, you have a detailed idea of what you want and how to get it. You’ve picked … Read more

11 Steps to Remodeling Your Bathroom

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6 Space Saving Vanities for Small Bathrooms

Small Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide Are you in the process of remodeling a small bathroom and need a vanity that’s not going to: A.) Take up so much room you have to suck it in to squeeze around it, just to get to the toilet? B.) Exist as just a sink, so you have toilet … Read more

Bathroom Design Tips: Upgrade Your Bathroom Mirror

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Pros & Cons of Vessel Sinks

History of Vessel Sinks One of the must have bathroom trends these days is vessel bowl sinks.  All the rage in bathroom remodel and new construction, these sinks have a misconception of being more suitable for modern and contemporary design.  This assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. A quick history lesson for those that … Read more