Are Bathroom Pedestal Sinks Outdated?

In the world of bathroom trends, pedestal sinks haven’t been getting a lot of attention until more recently. They were once the preferred choice for small spaces or a stylish minimalist look. Still, they were quickly taken over by the popularity of vanities that offered extra space and storage essentials in the modern bathroom.

Today, they may be making a comeback, albeit in a new way. Keep reading to learn all about these sinks and why they might just be the perfect choice for your bathroom renovation.

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What Exactly is a Pedestal Sink?

Sometimes referred to as freestanding or standalone, the pedestal sink is a sink that is typically constructed of a single piece or two pieces of material (usually porcelain or ceramic) that includes a narrow, pole-like base and a wider sink basin sitting on the “pedestal”. There have been several variations in details, design features, and size, but the basic concept has been the same.

While functional, these sinks may offer a dated look to a modern bathroom. Fortunately, new designs are breaking the mold and putting this once-popular style in the spotlight. Besides the obvious space-saving benefits, there is a lot to love about these sinks. They are simple and functional and won’t have wood rot or damage issues like cabinet-style vanities. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons.

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20.75 Inch Modern Glass Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity with Mirror

20.75 Inch Modern Glass Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity with Mirror

The Pros and Cons of Pedestal Sinks

There are some things to be said for this sink style. For starters, it’s great in small spaces, such as a powder bath, and when you don’t want the bulk of a vanity cabinet taking up space. Here are some of the most important things to remember when considering this sink for your bathroom remodel.

  • A pedestal sink will save a TON of floor space. If you have a small bathroom, or even if you just want the room to appear bigger, the more floor space, the better. That’s why these sinks became popular in the first place—they have an impressively small footprint (width and shallow depth).
  • These sinks are functional and made of durable materials that will last a long time. Unlike wood vanity cabinets that could be ruined by water damage, broken, or worn down over time, the porcelain material is durable and will stand the test of time.
  • Design options are plentiful and offer a stylish upgrade. Even with the simple design, the sleek curves and sharp lines ensure a multi-dimensional look that will turn heads even without taking up much space.
24 Inch Single Sink White Pedestal Vanity

24 Inch Single Sink White Pedestal Vanity

There aren’t a lot of disadvantages to these sinks, for the most part. They don’t offer as much counter space or storage as vanity cabinets and other styles of sinks, but that’s often worth the compromise if you need something with a smaller footprint. They also require bracing to the wall behind them, which takes an extra step. Again, though, this is minor in the grand scheme of things.

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage is when you’re not doing a full remodel. So often, homeowners remove a vanity to find mismatched tiles, differently-colored walls, or other half-fixes that were hidden and now need to be addressed. If you’re unsure how much you want to invest in this project, consider ripping out the old sink first and then decide how to proceed.

What About the Cost?

On the list of pros and cons, many people are probably searching for information on pricing or the cost of this type of sink. The good news is that you can find affordable options depending on what style you have in mind and where you shop. According to, the cost to install this sink is about two to three times more than a vanity sink when done by professionals.

Remember that you can choose a cheaper sink and consider DIY installation to offset the costs. However, this type of sink will also offer a better long-term investment because it will usually last much longer than a cheaply-made vanity cabinet.

Petrified Wood Natural Stone Pedestal Sink

Petrified Wood Natural Stone Pedestal Sink

Are Pedestal Vanities Making a Comeback?

There’s a lot of discussion in the bathroom trends world about these sinks and whether they’re hot or not. The good news is that while the traditional stereotype of the pedestal sink is still questionable, the new designs being envisioned are changing the game and how people think about the typical “pedestal” style sink.

Some pedestals feature a bulkier base or one that’s more artistic, less focused on having that narrow center column that people know of this style. The idea is still to create a minimalist look but to do so more creatively and artfully. The result? “Pedestal” sinks are anything but and look more like a design piece than a functional item in your home.

You can find all kinds of modern bathroom sinks that mimic this style or redesign it and take it to a new level. Or, you can stick with the updated but classic available versions. Either way, the minimalist, streamlined, elegant look is big in the world of bathroom trends. The bulky cabinet is out, and sleek lines and simple fixtures are in.

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How to Install Pedestal Sinks?

The installation process for these sinks is generally simple. Major home improvement retailers like Lowes and Home Depot even offer a consumer’s installation guide for pedestal sinks. You must place the sink properly, brace the basin and the pedestal to the wall, connect the plumbing and fixtures, and seal the seams with caulk. Sink installation is a fairly simple process with this type of unit.

Your new sink should come with instructions that will include prep, brace installation, sink installation, finishing details, and cleanup. If you are redoing a bathroom or installing a sink where plumbing doesn’t exist, you must hire a plumber to rough the new plumbing lines. This isn’t typically something that you want to attempt on your own.

23 Inch Unique Pedestal Bathroom Vanity with Granite

23 Inch Unique Pedestal Bathroom Vanity with Granite

Is the Plumbing Visible with a Pedestal Sink?

Most sinks include a pedestal covering your plumbing connections, provided they are centralized and grouped closely. Of course, there may still be some visibility on the sides, or hoses might stick out. Some models might not offer any coverage, while others may have built-in solutions. Ultimately, you’ll want to compare the options and consider what you like best.

One choice is to find other creative ways to hide the plumbing, but there might also be the instance that some of it just shows a little here and there. Check pictures when shopping to see what the side profiles look like and how the plumbing lays once the sink is installed. That way, you’ll know what to expect and can decide appropriately on which model to buy.

How to Maximize Storage in a Bathroom with Limited Space?

The single biggest drawback to the pedestal sink is that it doesn’t offer storage. Having as much storage as possible can be essential in small bathrooms and compact spaces. However, finding the best way to do it can be challenging.

When you’re limited on floor space, the combination of a pedestal-style sink with hanging cabinets or over-the-toilet storage might be a better choice than a vanity cabinet. Pedestal and floating sinks are beloved for their sleek style and minimalist design, but they lack some basic features people need in the bathroom. In addition to lacking a cabinet, they may also lack the counter space of other styles.

How can you maximize your storage? Well, the Internet is a great resource for creative ideas. Consider installing a mirrored cabinet above the sink for small items, floating shelves, or another storage unit over or around the toilet area. Have space in another room/closet? Consider making a “linen closet” with the non-essentials like extras, towels, and things that aren’t used regularly but belong in the bathroom.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t let the lack of storage discourage you from choosing a pedestal sink or another similar style. You can do a lot in other areas to make up the difference, and the stunning finished design is sure to be worth the compromise.

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17.9 Inch Modern Console Small Bath Vanity

17.9 Inch Modern Console Small Bath Vanity

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17.75 Inch Modern Glass Bathroom Vanity with Frosted Vessel Sink

17.75 Inch Modern Glass Bathroom Vanity with Frosted Vessel Sink

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