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  • How to Install a Bathroom Vanity?

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    Installing a furniture style bathroom vanity may require you to remove the baseboard where the vanity is going and then cope the base back into the legs of the vanity.  It is not critical that the bas be removed but you may have a gap behind the vanity if it is unable to fit tight to the wall due to the baseboard.  Once you have the vanity centered where you want it and if you have it tight to the wall then secure the vanity to the wall by screwing it to the framing lumber or if unable to find the studs then you can use toggle bolts to secure it in place.  Once you have the bathroom vanity secured to the wall then connect the plumbing and check for leaks and that is all it takes.  If you decide to leave the baseboard and have the space behind the vanity then just connect the plumbing and that will be adequate to hold the vanity in place.  The furniture style cabinet will look more like frees standing furniture if it is not tight to the wall.

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