How To Meaure Your Available Space for a New Bathroom Vanity

One of the most important things to know before you go shopping for a new bathroom vanity is how much space you actually have available to work with. We’ve put together this worksheet to help you get your numbers in one place before you hit the stores or websites. Print it out or make sure you’ve got all the listed notations before you start your search. And if you need us, you know where to leave a question–in the comment box! (Caveat: Comments are great as long as you are not a spammer… Notice, I never approve you guys? Please stop. Thanks.)

Now… without further ado…. (and complaints from the moderator…)


Measuring Your Available Space!


Get your numbers right!


Check the available width! If you are not planning to move any of the plumbing, use the plumbing as you center line and measure out equally each direction to see what your maximum available width is going to be.  It is always best to mark out this dimension with blue tape on the wall and floor to get a real visual sense of how the vanity will look.  FYI: Vanity cabinets range in size from 12-84 inches measured from the widest point which is usually the countertop overhang.  When using a furniture style vanity you will want to leave some space on the sides to allow access for cleaning.


Important Building Code Note: If your vanity will be right next to the toilet, make sure to leave at least 18″ between the edge of your vanity cabinet to the middle of the toilet tank to be compliant.


Width Available: ____________________


Check the available depth! When determining the depth of your vanity make sure you take in consideration the swing of the bathroom door, shower door, and vanity cabinet doors.  If needed you can hold a piece of chalk on the edge of the door and swing it open to make a mark on the floor and then measure from that. Remember to leave and inch or 2 extra just to be sure you are not developing a pinch point between the vanity and a swinging door. Vanity depths generally range between 18-21 inches.  Shallower depths are available but in a more limited selection.


Depth Available: ____________________


Check the available height! Vanity cabinets range in height from 30-37″, depending on the vanity you are looking at. Make sure to factor in any accessories you’ve already got picked out, installed, or the wiring in place for. Low set lighting, mirrors that you’ve already decided to use, or backsplashes you’ll be adding on will all affect the available height you are working with.


Height Available: _____________________


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