Shallow Depth Bathroom Vanity Solutions for Narrow Bathrooms

38 Inch Single Sink Narrow Depth Furniture Bathroom Vanity with Choice of Finish and Sink

Not all bathrooms are created equal.  Every bathroom has its challenges, but when dealing with narrow bathrooms, they may seem overwhelming.  Whether a spare bathroom or a powder room, there may be questions about how a vanity will fit into such a tight space.  Don’t fret; there are options available for just these problems.  Standard bathroom vanities are 20-23” deep, which may be too deep for your bathroom’s layout.  A major concern that must be considered with vanities is storage, which is typically a sought out commodity in most bathrooms.  There are two main options available in these situations.

20.75 Inch Modern Glass Bathroom Vanity with Frosted Edge Mirror

Pedestal sinks are usually the first considered when space is sparse.  However, these sinks come with some disadvantages.  Not only are they not creative, but they also offer no storage.  These sinks are only useful if there is a nearby linen closet or room for storage in the bathroom, which isn’t always an option.

16 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity with White Vessel Sink and Mirror

On the other hand, vanities with door options are the perfect solutions for these issues. Vessel sink vanities are a good choice.  Vessel sinks are not as conventional in that they sit on top of a counter, unlike the more traditional option of a drop-in or undermount sink.  The vessel can be changed down the road, which is always nice if redecorating is considered.  These sinks can also come in various choices, some of which can be extravagant.  They can offer a great statement piece, but if you are looking for something not so dramatic, more understated pieces are available that work just as well.

26 Inch Single Sink Narrow Depth Furniture Bathroom Vanity with Choice of Finish and Sink

Narrow depth vanities are a great option in narrow bathrooms.  These vanities often appear as narrow cabinets and often utilize a bib sink.  This option will allow most doors to open fully and will likely provide the added benefits of a larger sink and the most storage of any option discussed here.  The cabinets of these vanities are approximately 12” in depth, allowing for ease of movement around a narrow bathroom.   The advantage of this vanity is that the sink size is not compromised for vanity depth.

Regardless of your choice, the best thing to remember is that there is almost always a product out there that will solve any design issue. For more creative solutions for your bathroom quandaries, visit us online at Unique Vanities or give us a ring at 866-526-1843. We’ve trained our staff to handle even the most difficult design questions!

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