Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

How to Add More Storage Space to a Small Bathroom?

When looking at the size of your bathroom, for many, the first thing that always comes to mind is – that’s all the storage. Whether your bathroom is small or just has a small bathroom vanity, there are always unique ways to improve storage space. Depending on the amount of remodeling you want to go through, some ways are easier than others, but nonetheless, there are creative ways to increase space.

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Add a Wall Cabinet Next to Your Vanity

The first idea is adding a separate cabinet beside your bathroom vanity cabinet. They come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, so pairing them with your vanity shouldn’t be a problem. While many bathrooms don’t have the space to offer an additional cabinet, if you do, placing it next to your vanity will increase your amount of storage greatly.

Utilize Your Open Wall Space with Shelves

People often underestimate and undervalue the wall space they have in a bathroom. Any empty wall space is always an opportunity to add increased storage. Hand building shelving into an empty wall area can create an opportunity for a linen cabinet for towels and other bathroom essentials. Also, you can build nooks into your wall in-between studs. Uniquely placing these nooks next to your vanity can provide your bathroom with a unique look and some increased storage. If you feel crafty, install different shelves inside your vanity under your sink. Obviously, this depends on how your plumbing is set up under your vanity and how low it hangs, but you can do some very creative things with that space. Pull out shelves or even an extra set of drawers under there can increase the amount of storage in your bathroom.

Try Built In Shelving

There are many unique ways to increase the amount of storage in your bathroom. It’s amazing how many things can be built into shelves and other storage spaces with little hard work and creativity. Check out your bathroom, but don’t forget to bring your imagination! If you need additional ideas, don’t hesitate to call our experts at 866-526-1843. We’ve got Designers on staff for that very reason!

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