How To Repair Scratches And Gouges In Wood Elements At Home

In the finish alone? –Use a small piece of fine grit sandpaper 220 or finer to go over the area lightly. Apply whatever finish is already on the floor (typically polyurethane) with a small brush to the sanded area and let it dry! If it’s in your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, it will more likely be a lacquer, but you’ll apply that the same way.

Deep Gouge? –Use a wood filler to match the tone of the wood you are fixing. Fill the gouge with wood filler or putty and leave it to set. To get the wood to look natural again, you will most likely need to stain the wood putty and paint the wood grain back in with acrylic paint. This will take more of a delicate touch to complete, so having someone with artistic experience is helpful!  Cover this with your lacquer and only the seriously trained eye can tell the difference!

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