• Think Sink! Undermount vs. Drop-In

    A lot of people choosing to get custom vanities made find themselves wonder about the advantages and disadvantages of undermount sinks. Wouldn’t drop ins be easier? Easier may be the only advantage here. An undermount sink is only used with a solid surface countertop such as granite, marble, or a man made stone. As the name suggests, it is mounted under the countertop and the lip of the sink is made by cutting the countertop to match the shape of the sink and polishing the inside edge. This application makes it much easier to wipe water or kitchen messes into the sink as there is no raised edge to get in the way. However, if you’ve decided to go with a laminate counter, you won’t be so fortunate. There really is no way to “polish” laminate to flow directly into the sink. So you’d be better off with the drop in. Either way, if you do your homework, and put plenty of thought and effort into your work; we’re sure you will be proud of the results.

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    61 Inch Modern Double Sink Bathroom Vanity with Four Doors and Four Drawers

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