Funky New Furniture Piece!

New vanity furniture to make your bathroom classy. This piece is two in one, a sink and a cabinet combined in one decorative piece for your bathroom.

HVAC Do’s and Don’ts

This post is about Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems in homes. It presents important Do’s and Don’ts for optimum HVAC use and maintenance.

What’s The Scoop On Water Walls

This post decribes the benefits of installing a water wall in your home. The post also gives some examples of where people have installed water walls before to give the reader some ideas.

Make Your Own Fire Pit!

This post describes how you can make a fire pit all by yourself. You just need to gather the materials as mentioned in the post and follow the process described here.

Sandpaper Repurposed!

This blog discusses various uses for sandpaper. For example it can be used to clean a dirty cutting board, sharpen shears and remove hardwater stains from your bathroom to name a a few.

No Master Bath? Well . . . Not Yet

This blog post describes an alternative to putting in a whole new bathroom in order to get a master bath. Instead steps are given to connect the master bedroom to a current nearby bathroom by installing a new door.

How To Get Rid Of Squeaky Floors

This post is about solving the problem of noisy or squeaky floors. It offers a simple solution, and tells us that depending on location, some floors are easier to fix than others.