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  • How to Make Your Home Pet Friendly

    Children will eventually learn to avoid hazards in the home, but unfortunately pets will most likely always be curious. Thus, pet-proofing your home is essential to keeping your pets safe.

    From quick fixes to remodeling projects, here are six ways you can ensure your home is pet friendly.

    1. Mind Your Curtains

    Make sure curtains don’t touch the ground to avoid nibbling pets. Also, make sure to secure blind strings to avoid strangulation.

    2. Thoroughly Clean All Spills

    Especially if you have a baby, food inevitably ends up on your floor sometimes. Carpets can trap these odors if not cleaned thoroughly, luring pets to bite the material in an attempt to get a treat. If you spill on your carpet, make sure to use carpet cleaner and allow the area to thoroughly dry.

    3. Secure Your Plants

    Did you know that lilies are toxic to cats? Unbeknownst to a lot of homeowners, some varieties of plants can be poisonous to pets when ingested so make sure they are out of reach. For cats, secure vases in a closet when you are not home as they can easily jump onto a table when unattended.

    4. Let People Know You Have Pets

    Display a sticker on your window alerting people you have pets. This not only can discourage burglary, but can let public safety officials know there are pets inside the home in the case of fire or emergency.

    5. Emergency Kits Apply to Your Pets, Too

    Having an emergency kit for your whole family, including pets, is important. Make sure to keep all the kits together in a secure place that is easily accessible, and make sure your whole family knows where it is. Some things to keep in the kit especially for your pets include a pet care guide book, a disposable litter can (aluminum trays, for example) and/or paper towels to clean up messes, at least 7 days’ worth of pet food, and an extra water bowl. For a more thorough list of what to make sure is in your kit for your pet, consult this disaster relief kit checklist from the ASPCA.

    6. Remodeling? Keep Your Pets in Mind

    If you are on the market for a remodel, consult with your contractor and/or designer to see how you can make the space both functional and exciting for your pet. For example, a built in for water and food bowls on a kitchen island is both functional and comfortable for animals, who won’t have to bend over to ground level to ingest food or water (which can be harmful to their digestion) or perhaps an extra water dish built into your 48 inch bathroom vanity. You are only limited by your own imagination!

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