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  • How To Get Rid Of Squeaky Floors

    A lot of people have asked us if it’s possible to get rid of or fix a squeaky floor. If you’ve got a basement or crawlspace in your home, then, by all means, yes! You can do this too, for upstairs rooms, but you’ll be looking at major work to cover the places you’ve repaired—so you might just be better off living with a squeak in those rooms. Anything above a basement or crawl though can be reached easily. Keep in mind we aren’t saying “easy” here—rather easiER! You’ll want to have someone walking on the floor above you, so you can pinpoint exactly where the squeaks are happening. You’ll want to use wood screws about an inch or inch and inch and a quarter to pull the hardwood floor down to the subfloor. There are also brackets made to screw to the floor joist and the sub floor; this will usually solve the problem. It the squeak is under a carpeted surface, you’ll have to pull up the carpet and again locate the squeak. You will need to  add screws from above to reattach the sub floor to the joists, as often most squeaky floors are simply caused by the sub floor coming loose from the framing below!

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