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  • HVAC Do’s and Don’ts

    Our HVAC systems are extremely important to the overall comfort level of our homes. From the moment that HVAC is installed, it requires routine maintenance and balancing to ensure the proper performance levels are achieved. Although it’s easy want to be your own handyman sometimes, when it comes to your home heating, cooling and ventilation system, it’s important to be extremely careful. The following are HVAC do’s and don’ts that you should strictly follow.

    The Don’ts

    • Don’t… Purchase a unit too large for your home. It just wastes energy and isn’t efficient.
    • Don’t… Install a heating or cooling unit on your own.  Enlist the help of a professional.
    • Don’t… Cover your condenser (outdoor A/C unit) in the winter to protect it from rain. This will cause more damage than good.
    • Don’t… Regularly turn your thermostat up or down to overcompensate for temperature imbalances. This could compromise your system and raise your utility bill.
    • Don’t… switch to a new type of system unless there is sufficient space for the new systems or an appropriate place to put it.

    The Do’s

    • Do… Replace the air filter every three months. Pleated air filters are typically the best.
    • Do… Keep your condenser dry. It should never be covered, though, even when it rains.
    • Do… Have a regular maintenance program to extend equipment life and to ensure proper performance.
    • Do… Keep the return grille free and uncovered to ensure proper air flow.

    There isn’t a perfect heating, ventilation and air conditioning system that exists, which makes it even more important for people to treat their HVAC system correctly if they want it work effectively and last longer. Not to mention, by following these HVAC do’s and don’ts, you will likely save money on heating and cooling costs as well as on repair and replacement costs. So, keep your house happy and healthy and follow these simple tips to keeping your HVAC in tip-top shape.

    This article was written exclusively for Unique Vanities by Mitchell Mechanical, a leading Atlanta HVAC company focused on serving the heating and cooling needs of metro-Atlanta and North Georgia since 1992.  We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable staff and our customer first approach.  Our technicians receive the most up to date training available and we stay on the forefront of home comfort technology to best serve our customers’ needs.

    DO take care of your HVAC unit!

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