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  • Know How Your Air Conditioning System Works

    With the adverse effects of the global warming, the earth is getting hotter day by day. If you look at any places from any parts of the world, you can find that people are having lots of trouble due to the increase in the global temperature. It can also be seen that our atmosphere is becoming polluted for the increase in the number of motor vehicles. These motor vehicles emit harmful particles which causes severe damage to our health. The rise in the humidity level can also be a problem for the people of some regions of the world. In order to get rid of these problems, people are now depending on the air conditioning system for their home or office environment.

    Before you install your air conditioning system to comfort your senses, you can have some knowledge on how this mechanical appliance works.

    At first, it takes some polluted air inside the equipment from the room environment.

    It then filters the polluted air through the built in filter. There the harmful particles will be separated from the air.

    It then sends the air through the metallic plates. These metallic plates have the same temperature which you must have fixed when you have switched on this appliance. While the air passes through these plates, the heat gets exchanged between the air and the metal plates. Thus the air gets cooler after it crosses these metallic plates.

    After that, the air passes through a high pressure pipe which reduces the volume of the air. Thus the water particles get partially removed from the air.

    At last, the air conditioning system throws the air with the high capacity motor towards your room. In this way, you can reduce the humidity level from your room environment while you can achieve an ambience with lesser harmful elements and you can enjoy a cooler and soothing environment according to your personal preferences.

    Get to know your a/c!

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