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  • How To Install Hardwood Floors

    Most people love the look of a beautiful hardwood floor. In addition, most people are wary of the cost. One of the ways to cut down the cost of having one of these floors installed is very simply, to do it yourself. To begin, you’re going to want to define the direction you want the wood to run. It is best to lay down a vapor barrier of some sort first. We recommend 30 weight tar paper. Next, use a chalk line to make a straight line for where you are going to be setting the first row of wood flooring. Once this is nailed down and secured, you can begin to move on the rest of it. Wood flooring is all tung and groove on the ends and sides. You can nail the pieces in the tung so that the nails are hidden by the next row. There is a pneumatic tool made especially for nailing wood flooring together. You hit it with a rubber hammer and it knocks the boards tight together and shoots either a nail or a staple into the tung of the wood at the same time. This will save you a lot of time during the install, but isn’t easy on the wallet.

    Cut the costs by installing them yourself!

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