Top Bathroom Decorating Ideas and Tips

While it is always important to keep resale value in mind when designing and decorating each room, don’t make yourself a stranger within your own home for the sake of maintaining a good resale value. Use the following ideas to inject a dose of style, class and personality into your bathroom décor.

Rustic Bathroom Design

There’s no need to wait until your next vacation to enjoy the warm, rustic interiors of a log cabin. Make your bathroom a nature-inspired, rustic escape by recreating elements found in the wilderness. Flank your mirror with deer antlers or faux deer antlers if hunting isn’t an activity you enjoy or support. Or for a unique twist, try a decorative antler chandelier. For an added touch of rustic whimsy, use a tree stump as a decorative look to display towels, magazines and designer toiletries. Finally, paint the walls a warm mocha and consider applying slate tile from the base molding up to chair rail height for a rustic, outdoorsy effect.

Modern Bathroom Décor

While often a pricey option, creating a modern bathroom is a trendy choice amongst homeowners. In order to create the desired look without the traditional price tag, opt for mimicking basic design elements of the style, rather than seeking modern ready-made merchandise. Use clean lines and sharp edges to your advantage. For example, rather than using a traditional vanity, try a sleek modern bath vanity. Place a low-sitting, rectangular sink on the dresser with the faucet mounted on the wall. This provides you with a high-end look without spending thousands of dollars on just one area of your modern bathroom. Other modern decorating tips are to use a stone bathmat and to adhere a vinyl tree decal to the wall. Cool tones work especially well in modern atmospheres.

Use Tile as a Prime Design Element

Tile is arguably the most important design element in any bathroom. Use tile to accentuate certain areas of the room such as the vanity or shower area. Adding decorative tile is also an effective way to add a high-end touch to a currently drab bathroom, or you can even choose to express your personality. Fun-loving individuals can find expressive bathroom tiles that change colors due to their temperature-sensitivity. The tiles are a solid color, typically black, when left at room temperature and then change to varying colors according to the temperature change.

Adhering tile to the walls of a glass shower enclosure can add a decorative touch. The most common choices for this type of tile work are subway and glass mosaic tiles. However using marble, granite or slate tile is ideal for those seeking a spa-worthy look.


Every member of the family uses bathrooms regularly. Why not make time spent in the bathroom a bit more enjoyable by creating a spa-like oasis? Personalize the space by injecting your own personal style, while still maintaining the structural integrity of each room for resale value. After all, a bathroom can be neutralized of just about any style with just a coat of paint and a simple switch of accessories.

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