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  • Make Your Own Fire Pit!

    Have you ever thought of building your own firepit to enjoy in your backyard? Do you wonder how to do it? It’s not as difficult as you may think! Fresh Home Magazine offered a quick “how-to” we thought we’d share with you!

    First you’ll need to get your supplies—24 granite retaining wall stones and sand. They recommend 6  ½”X8”X14”, 70 pound stones for use in this project. They mentioned that you can use any nonporous stone—but to stay away from porous stones as they can get hot enough to crack or even explode! (EEK!)

    Next, you’ll want to mark a circle in your yard between 4-5 feet in diameter. You’ll want to clear the area of grass and soil to about 2 inches down. Take your sand and spread it about an inch deep over your cleared area. Smooth the surface. You’ll want to start from the outer edge of your area and lay the blocks around. Make sure you allow small gaps for air to escape and also that the stones sit flat. (You may have to shimmy them around in the spot to make them sit flatter.)

    When you are adding the second layer of stones, make sure to place them so the middle of the block sits on the joints of the two underneath. Again here, you’ll want to make sure the stones sit flat. If they don’t you may need to do some adjusting to the layer underneath to get it right. Finally, once the circle is complete, add a few inches of your sand inside the pit to raise the level where the fire will be.

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