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  • How to Set up a Patio for Solar Panels

    Homeowners are creating ways to generate solar power in neighborhoods around the nation. Relieving some of the stress on the electric bill and the grid itself is a bonus, but still being able to enjoy the shady area under the patio cover is even better.

    With a solar patio cover, the sun’s rays can be harnessed to run lights and other popular features used in the summer. Connecting the panels to the municipal grid system also helps offset the energy usage in your home as well. Programs are available to host a simple set up in most cities. A usual installation of a solar paneled grid of average size which is approximately 300 to 500 square feet will produce an energy flow of about 250-400 kwh. Not too shabby for a small patio size cover, with the space traditionally being unused most of the year. The solar patio cover won’t cure our issues with the energy crisis, but it can contribute to a reduction in the energy we use.

    Living in cooperation with the planet and saving money can both be met in the installation of a patio cover. The cover can be installed professionally or if you know what you’re doing, installing it yourself is a great project to do on the weekends. Connecting the power to the grid and knowing how to connect all the electrical inverters might be a job for a professional.

    However, once the solar panels are in place and the grid connection is made, you’re good to go. The advantage of the solar panel placement and use is that the photovoltaic systems are affordable, relatively speaking. They are lightweight and lie low to generate the power that can supply lighting or other features on the patio or connect it to the grid for savings on an all round supply of electricity. The savings are great, however the system will cost several thousands of dollars with installation charges.

    To begin with, a smaller project that may energize you for the larger patio cover experiment is to attach an iPod deck to a solar paneled patio set to give you music while you work on your solar energy home.

    With a few solar panels attached under the umbrella of a patio set allows for the wiring to be tacked down to the underside of the table. The iPod can be housed in a weatherproof case, where it is attached to the speakers.

    Saving energy is becoming a necessity, not just a weekend experiment. No matter the amount of electricity you save by putting together an electricity producing element, it is more than your neighbor has probably accomplished. One house at a time can make a huge difference in our electricity usage!

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