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  • Must Haves In Every Homeowner’s Toolkit

    Here at UniqueVanities.com, we consider ourselves fairly handy. One question one of our “not-so-handy” employees recently asked was what she should keep in her toolkit. She has recently moved out on her own, and is trying to be handier around the house.  The tools we told her to include (and you should make sure you have on too) are:

    • Hammer
    • Phillips AND flat head screwdriver
    • Pliers AND side cut pliers
    • Flat/pry bar
    • Adjustable wrench
    • Battery and/or electric drill
    • Razor knife

    So run out to your garage and check! Do you have all the components we listed? What are some you feel are must-haves that we didn’t include? Do tell!

    Get the gear!

    Need some guidance using those tools to install your 48 inch bath vanity? Call the toll free number on our site for design and installation help!

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