5 Ways to Save Money on A Bathroom Remodel

David Bakke writes about money management, home improvement, and smart shopping on the blog, Money Crashers. There’s nothing quite like giving that aging bathroom a facelift. A new tub, fresh and fun tiling, and a few luxurious amenities like heated toilet seats and towel racks can go a long way toward breathing life into your … Read more

How to Clean and Seal Your Tile Grout—The Easy Way!

For today’s “best of,” we look at the topic of cleaning the grout in your tile (whether that be in the bathroom, kitchen, or wherever.) It’s a job we have yet to find that anyone really “enjoys” doing around the house. So when we started chatting with Michael Stracuzza, founder of the product “Grout Shield,” … Read more

Bathroom Technology that Offers Peace of Mind?

Since we’ve been talking technology this month, we’ve done a little research on home automation systems that can be added to the bathroom. In doing so we found something really cool that can be easily added to any bathroom appliance and can offer something that not many other systems to date can give: peace of … Read more