Bathroom Technology that Offers Peace of Mind?


Since we’ve been talking technology this month, we’ve done a little research on home automation systems that can be added to the bathroom. In doing so we found something really cool that can be easily added to any bathroom appliance and can offer something that not many other systems to date can give: peace of mind. With this new technology, there’s no more wondering “Did I leave my flat iron on this morning?” or “Are my kids getting into the medicine cabinet?” Not only is it unobtrusive, but it can also add incredible convenience and functionality.

The company we found goes by the name of Vivint. And it’s the largest provider of home automation services in North America, with more than 700,000 customers. You can use Vivint’s small appliance controls to keep your family and home (specifically your bathroom) safe. You won’t have to worry about you or your daughter forgetting to turn off her hair straightener anymore. With Vivint small appliance controls, you can use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to see if the straightener is on and if it is, turn it off. These ingenious little devices can be added to any small appliance in your bathroom: regular irons, curling irons, hair straighteners, electric toothbrushes, humidifiers and more. Now you won’t have to worry about whether or not you turned off the iron before you left for work. You can simply hop on your computer and check.

You can also use Vivint’s door sensors to prevent accidents by simply attaching one to the medicine cabinet in your bathroom. Every time the cabinet is opened, Vivint will send a text message directly to your smartphone. That way you’ll know if a child, or someone else who isn’t supposed to be in that area, is accessing medications they shouldn’t. It’s another great way to keep your family safe.

No matter what your bathroom is like, home automation technology can make it a safer, more convenient place and that’s something we all can appreciate!

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