Tired Trends

70 Inch Mission Style Double Sink Vanity with Carerra White Marble

Trends are a fun and quick way to spice up any room, but be warned: designing solely around current design trends can cause your space to be outdated quickly.  It’s always important to balance trendy design ideas with classic touches that will never go out of style.  Going this route will make it easier to just simply swap out outdated pieces rather than have to start from scratch on a space.  But by definition, trends come and go.  Here are just a few trends that need to retire.

Chevron and exaggerated geometric shapes are slowly making their way into a clichéd trend that needs to stop.  Funnily enough, chevron and other geometric shapes, like Greek keys, are typically considered classic.  However, when done in such exaggerated and bold ways, these patterns are getting a reputation of being overdone.

Wall decals, though they have their place, have become overdone and have crossed over from trendy to cheesy.  Decals can be great for renters that can’t paint or hang art on their walls, but using them in the wrong way can cheapen the look of your space.

Pallet furniture or pieces made from reclaimed wood has become overused to the point of redundancy.  Pallet furniture is a fun and inexpensive way to add a unique piece of furniture to a room.  But when an entire how is furnished with one-of-a-kind pallet or reclaimed wood furniture, it can be a bit much.  There are countless numbers of other materials that can be used to incorporate in with these wood pieces. This is a trend that doesn’t necessarily need to be retired, but rather used minimally.  When this trend is mixed with other classic pieces, your space can be transformed from looking handmade to stylish and unique.

Grey as a neutral is a very controversial trend that many are on the fence about.  Though it is true that grey has been overdone these days, it will never truly be thrown out as a trend.  Using different tones of grey, as well as mixing it with other neutrals, beiges or whites, modifies this trend into a classic look that will never go out of style.

Chalkboard paint is another trend that people will argue will not go out of style anytime soon.  Like many other trends, chalkboard paint has its place.  Using this trend in small, deliberate ways can be a convenient design decision.  Using it sparingly in a kitchen is a great way to jot down grocery or to-do lists.  Framing a small section of wall painted with chalkboard paint can be a neat way to change up your décor easily, write fun quotes or fill it with daily doodles.  On the other hand, this trend can be quickly overdone when a chalkboard wall becomes a focal point in a room.

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