Room Re-design

20.5 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity

It’s human nature to want change, and what better way to incorporate change into your life than to transform the space around you.  Revamping a room in your house can breathe new life into your surroundings with which you may have become bored with over time.

Whether this is a project you have saved up for or you are on a tight budget, a great place to start with updating your space is to declutter.  Out with the old and in with the new. Get rid of things that no longer serve a purpose or that you are no longer in love with.  We all have those things we just can’t seem to part with, so a compromise might be to incorporate a new piece of furniture into your room design where these items could be stored.

The next, and possibly most important, step in redesigning your room is to get inspired.  Sift through magazines for inspiration or check out sites like Pinterest and Apartment Therapy for ideas on what you want the finished product to be.   Decide what mood or feeling you want this room to emit and this will be a starting point for the color scheme and textures that should be included in the updated design.  Creating an inspiration or mood board is a great way to gather your ideas in one place.  This will also be helpful for you to visualize what the end results will look like.

The best way to start your project is with a blank canvas.  Empty the room and start from scratch.  This is especially important if you are painting your room.  Choose a paint color that you most identified with from your inspiration board.  Secondary colors can be picked up later in fabrics and accessories.

Next, start thinking about the floorplan. Determine the key pieces for your room.  Get creative with your furniture placement and you’ll be surprised how different your room will seem just by rearranging the furniture.   Once the larger pieces, like beds or sofas, are placed, all the smaller elements will slowly fall into place.

The fun part of redesigning any space is adding the accessories and fabrics.  Mixing style is a huge trend right now.  If you’re working on a budget, you can use already owned key pieces and mix with new, modern accessories without breaking the bank.  Adding in fun patterns and textures through window treatments and rugs is a great way to spice up a room.   When rearranging accessories, always remember the rule of 3’s!  If you have 3 or more of any like item, then it’s a collection.  Keep those pieces together in groupings to keep things consistent.  When adding art to the walls, remember to play with varying heights to create a rhythm.

Adding details to your room to make it uniquely yours will not come in just one day.  Instead of buying all new things in one trip, try slowly collecting pieces that you truly love.  This will prevent buyer’s remorse and you will appreciate the pieces you own longer.

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