Good as New: Tips for Restoring an Old Home

Good as New Tips for Restoring an Old Home

When it comes to home ownership, many owners prefer old and classic to new, for a whole slew of reasons. For example, older homes tend to carry much more character and the craftsmanship is often-times much more impressive and sturdy. If you’re want to breathe life back into an older home with renovation and repairs, these are the best ways to do so!

Pick Your Contractor Wisely

It might seem obvious, but it is imperative to spend a great deal of time combing through, and analyzing contractors before you make your final pick. Make sure the contractors can provide references, and call every single one of them. It’s important to accurately pick the best candidate because not only will they be making significant and expensive changes to your home, but they will also be there for long periods of time, often unsupervised. You need to be able to trust them.

Replace the Plumbing

When making repairs to the plumbing and/or draining, you will want to find reputable drain repair plumbers. Remember, don’t assume that the plumbing in the home is viable; many older homes are in desperate need of work to their plumbing and drainage. You don’t want to take a chance with very old types of plumbing systems.

Be Careful with Paint

If you’re restoring an older home, there’s a good chance you’ll be painting as well. Make sure there’s enough leftover paint after the job has been completed to touch up problem areas. Additionally, note the type of paint, and its exact name in case you have to get more down the line. You do not want to wind up back in the home improvement store trying to match your wall color to paint samples.

Change Your Air Filters Frequently

Because home renovation will more than likely produce lots of dust and particles in the air, the air filters in the HVAC system will surely be getting their workout for a certain period of time. Forgetting to change out the filters could lead to serious problems in your heating and cooling system from improper filtration. When renovating keep an eye on this system so you don’t have other major repairs later on.

Home renovation requires that you constantly make decisions about everything from paint finishes to door and cabinet knobs. Take breaks, and never let yourself make any rash decisions merely because you want to be done with the entire process. You could make a permanent and expensive decision that you will dearly regret down the line. This can be an exciting time in your lives as homeowners so take care to select everything you need for your older home.

Written by Julia Ritzenthaler

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