Spring Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Spring brings with it the beauty of new life and new beginnings – it only makes sense that home renovations, including bathroom remodeling, are popular during these months. As the world is waking up from the winter season, people are getting out of their houses, opening windows, and feeling like they’re ready to let go … Read more

The Top 8 Trending 84 Inch Bathroom Vanities

For those who need plenty of counter space, the 84 inch bathroom vanity offers plenty of different styles and models to choose from. These are among the biggest of the vanities that you’ll find on the market today, and they remain a popular choice for people who want to make a statement, as well as … Read more

8 Trending 24 Inch Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities are available in a variety of shapes and styles. When you have a small space, your options for a vanity may seem limited, but you have multiple options available to you. Let’s look at how to choose an appropriate vanity for your small space, and then we’ll look at the top 8 trending … Read more

Bathroom Safety Tips for Seniors

When adults list dangerous activities, they typically think of things like sky-diving or bungee-jumping. Walking into their bathroom rarely crosses their minds as being hazardous. However, every year, many accidents occur in the bathroom. Falling is a significant risk for aging individuals. Many of the most dangerous falls occur in the bathroom. There are several … Read more

How to Install a Freestanding Bathroom Vanity

Bathrooms are a significant selling point in a home. Whether you’re buying, selling, or building your home, a modern bathroom is an attractive feature. For most people, the bathroom is the first room they enter after getting out of bed and the last one they enter before going to bed. Many people see the bathroom … Read more

What Makes A Good Chandelier?

Chandeliers are one type of light fixture that can take some time to find when you’re looking to buy just the right one. However, when you do it right, they can elevate your home and give you a whole new focal point for the space, as well as a conversation piece. But what makes a … Read more

Bathroom Hacks Everyone Should Know

The bathroom is a hot topic of discussion—it’s one of the most popular selling features of a home, it’s one of the most used spaces, and it’s got some of the worst dirt, grime, and clog potential of any room in the home. Fortunately, for as much stress as there is around the bathroom and … Read more

Mirrors and Positive Self-Image

Woman putting mascara on looking in bathroom mirror

How To Look And Feel Better When it comes to how you look (and how you feel about how you look), the right mirrors can make all the difference. We can look at ourselves from our own perspective, but you can’t really see much or get a good “picture” of the whole package. That’s where … Read more

How High Should a Bathroom Vanity Be?

In the bathroom, every inch of space counts – however, some people forget that includes the height of your bathroom vanity and other fixtures. After all, no matter how stylish the fixtures are, you need to be able to use them comfortably. In this guide, we’ll talk about all the different factors involved in sizing … Read more

Adding Large Showers and Relaxing Spa Features

Some people see the bathroom as a place of function. It serves its purpose and that’s it. However, these days, more and more people are looking at the bathrooms in their homes as a way to spruce things up and enjoy a little bit of the good life without breaking the bank. Making small upgrades … Read more

9 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Smell Fresh All the Time

No one likes a smelly bathroom. Unfortunately, the nature of the space is going to lend itself to certain odors over time. The trick is to figure out how to minimize them, avoid the worst ones, and ensure that your bathroom doesn’t just smell fresh, but is fresh, at all times. The first secret isn’t … Read more

Best Tips for Dealing with Soap Scum

If you have a bathroom, you are going to be dealing with soap scum at some point. For many, it becomes one of their main nemeses in the fight to keep the bathroom clean and pristine. Often, it’s one of the hardest battles to win, and if you aren’t careful, you might find that it … Read more

Maintenance Tips for Your Bathroom Vanity

The bathroom vanity is one of the most-used items in the modern bathroom. It is going to be important that you care for it to ensure that it provides the best use over the years and doesn’t end up damaged or in need of replacement before its time. Fortunately, it’s fairly simple to maintain your … Read more

Tips for Upgrading to a Luxury Master Bath

The master bathroom in your home might be a private space, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take time to upgrade it. It’s a personal place where you keep up with all your self-care routines. Creating a luxury master bath gives you a relaxing and functional space where you can enjoy every moment when you … Read more

The Top Bathroom Design Trends for 2022

Are you planning a bathroom remodel for 2022? Before you get too far into the planning process, it might be helpful to know what trends will be coming soon. Then, even if you’re building a bathroom in 2021, you can create a trendy, modern space using elements that are sure to be a big hit … Read more

Best Selling 42 Inch Bathroom Vanities

When your bathroom needs a new vanity, there are a lot of choices out there. Of course, the size is important, but so are the design, finish, and the decision of whether to install a single or double vanity. Whether you have a small powder room or a huge master bathroom, a new vanity can … Read more

Decorating the Bathroom for Christmas

With the holidays fast approaching, you are already thinking about all of the different ways you can decorate your home. Perhaps you’ve already started. You have decked the halls, the living room, and maybe even some of the bedrooms. The tree is up, the lights are on the house, and you feel that you are … Read more

Our Best Selling 30 Inch Vanities

We like to showcase different products from time to time, for one reason or another. Today, we’re excited to discuss, specifically, our 30 inch vanity collection and all that it has to offer. We’ll also discuss what makes the 30 inch vanities a good size for any bathroom and how you can make sure that … Read more

10 Tricks to Create a Spa-Like Bathroom

Going to a spa is a great experience– but what if you didn’t have to “go” anywhere? With some quick tricks and a few modifications, you can do a lot more to create a spa-like bathroom at home, even when you’re on a budget. There are a lot of different ways you can enhance your … Read more