8 Trending Floating Bathroom Vanity Ideas

The floating vanity has been the highlight of many modern bathroom designs. It offers a unique way to keep storage space and free up floor space, giving the illusion that the bathroom appears larger than a free standing vanity. Choosing a unique floating bathroom vanity starts by knowing your options.  

floating bathroom vanity ideas

Photo by CM Natural Designs

What is a Floating Vanity?

A floating bathroom vanity is installed on the wall, well above the floor, with no legs or extensions to touch the floor. As the name suggests, it essentially floats on the wall. These vanities are available in all sizes, several styles, and different finishes and materials, just like traditional vanity cabinets. They also include specialty hardware and are best installed by professionals to ensure they are anchored correctly.

When done well, floating vanities can add a unique style and free up floor space, giving you more for your money than you might have anticipated.

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Why Should You Consider a Floating Vanity?

Floating vanities offer several pros and cons. First, they are stylish and come in several finishes to accent any modern bathroom design. They are also more affordable than some people realize, and they can free up floor space, as mentioned. These vanities will be a bit more costly than a traditional vanity, but they add more value to the space in most cases and offer more function for the people who choose them.

Some people worry about the sturdiness of these vanities since they are only anchored to the wall. However, they are installed with the right hardware and a unique installation process to ensure the cabinet is safely anchored to the wall. Overall, floating vanities are a great way to give the illusion of more space while embracing a style trend for the modern bathroom you’ve always dreamed about.

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modern floating bathroom vanity

Photo by Mikenny Design

Top 8 Floating Bathroom Vanities

Without further ado, here are the top trending floating vanities in our lineup.

Style oozes from this modern floating vanity, offering 73 inches of counter space with dual sinks, so there’s no fighting over access. With the warm oak finish and the option of a white or dusk gray solid surface top, you get a modern finish that’s simple, clean and frees up floor space while still offering a few drawers for storage.

73 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity in Latte Oak with Choice Top

73 Inch Double Sink Floating Oak Bathroom Vanity

Today’s homeowners love bathroom vanities, including electrical outlets for their various bathroom tools. This model features two electrical outlets and two USB 2.0 outlets, plus a modern white finish that is sleek and clean. Brushed nickel hardware adds to the sleek look, and storage is plentiful.

59 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity in Glossy White with Electrical Component

59 Inch Double Sink Floating Vanity

This cabinet features a modern dark gray finish and chrome hardware that creates modern lines and a clean look for the bathroom. Because it’s a single sink vanity, there’s plenty of counter space, too, and it offers soft-close hardware for quiet and safe use. This vanity looks great in any modern bathroom space.

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48 Inch Single Sink Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity in Dark Gray

48 Inch Floating Vanity Single Sink

If you’re outfitting a half bath or smaller bathroom, this 23 inch cabinet is the perfect modern touch. It has a cabinet with sleek chrome handles and a medicine cabinet with a mirror, so you don’t have to worry about making another purchase (or a decision). The rich walnut finish adds to the modern look, and the floating design creates the illusion of more space in the bathroom.


This set of dual vanities is a great choice for those who want to make a bold statement. This 24 inch bathroom vanity includes a white ceramic top with a single sink. There isn’t a lot of counter space, but the drawers ensure there is plenty of storage. Plus, the black finish is modern and will match any bathroom.

24 Inch Double Sink Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity in Black

48 Inch Double Sink Floating Vanity in Black

Blues are another color family growing in popularity, especially in the bathroom. Blue is known for its calming effects, and on this modern vanity, the sleek hardware and simple lines add to that calming feel. Plus, even with two sinks, there is plenty of counter space.

84 Inch Double Sink Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity in Navy Blue

84 Inch Blue Floating Vanity

If you want a more modern and chic look, this coffee oak vanity with gold hardware will set a new standard of design. It includes electrical and USB outlets to keep all your electronics charged and operational, and multiple drawers offer storage. It’s a single sink model offset to the left, so there will be counter space on the right, giving you a little bit of everything.

36 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity in Coffee Oak with Radiant Gold Pulls

36 Inch Floating Vanity

The simple, sleek black double vanity is a great choice if you want a modern contemporary finish that will turn heads. The floating style makes it stand out in any bathroom without occupying floor space. It also comes with a selection of faucets and an acrylic top, giving you everything you need in a single package. There are also two storage drawers, ensuring all the bases are covered.

56.5 Inch Black Double Sink Bath Vanity with Mirror

56 Inch Floating Vanity with Mirror

The Final Call

This is just a sampling of the great selection of floating bathroom vanities you can find on the market today. Whether you fall in love with one of these or are simply inspired by them to keep searching for your perfect piece, there’s something here for everyone. Remember to consider storage and space because even though you’re going off the floor, you’re still taking up some room with the floating cabinet. Whatever you decide, you’ll find the perfect fit when you want something unique.

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