Incorporating the Vintage Look Into Your Bathroom

If we’ve ever seen one, 2022 is the year of the comeback. So many different eras of decor and style are coming back into popularity, and this year, it’s all about creating unique spaces with ornate, high-quality vintage details.

The bathroom is a place to relax and unwind. With people spending more time at home than ever, they’re looking to create spaces they love right in their own house. From your bathroom countertops to your shower and even the art on the walls, there are several ways that you can incorporate that vintage look that you love into your bathroom space.

That starts by understanding what vintage means and what retro trends are coming back. In this guide, we’ll also include some tips for enhancing the vintage look of your bathroom, no matter what you have in mind.


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What does vintage mean exactly?

Vintage does not mean old, dated, or out of style. There is a fine line between old spaces and those that embrace the vintage style. Color and cozy are two words that will be at the top of your list with this design aesthetic. It’s all about finding unique accents and accessories and creating an inviting space that’s more than just a room for function.

Vintage can refer to old styles that have come back in trend or even the use of vintage items, such as old chests for towel storage or a vintage mirror that replaces a traditional vanity cabinet mirror. Brass is trending in vintage design, too, and if you’ve got the room, a piece or two of antique furniture can make a big impact.

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Turner Antiqued Gold Ornate Bathroom Wall Mirror

Turner Antiqued Gold Ornate Bathroom Wall Mirror

Are vintage and retro bathrooms back in style?

Yes, vintage and retro bathrooms are very much coming back into style. As we mentioned, they have been for a few years now, and they come in just about as many types as the people who want them. These design trends include hiding everyday products that aren’t visually appealing and using smart storage that’s still stylish. Consider vintage paint themes and colors, a pedestal sink in a half bath, and other retro trends.

It’s easy to find inspiration if you check out sites like Pinterest or Houzz. Even a simple Internet search for vintage bathroom design will result in thousands of tips, ideas, images, and inspiration points to help you get started.

Marble, travertine, and the combination of vintage and modern designs are other popular trends that are making an appearance. The 70s inspired look is the hottest one right now, with nods to Mid-century modern design popping up everywhere.

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72 Inch Traditional Double Bathroom Vanity with a Cream Marfil Marble

72 Inch Traditional Double Bathroom Vanity with a Cream Marfil Marble


What are some vintage colors and color combos?

Color is a big part of the vintage style trend. Black and white tiles, along with that classic mint-green finish, offer all the nostalgic charm you want while creating an updated look simultaneously. Yellows, pastels, baby pink—all those colors we spent the 90s painting and replacing are back. Take your pick because there’s a style for just about everyone.

Any artwork should also match the vintage design and the accessories in the space. That includes the color combos and color palettes in general. Even with a white bathroom, you can add some off-white pieces and even a pop of color here and there. Wooden accents are also nice here, with light woods being more trendy than darker colors.

Anything calm, serene, and reminiscent of vintage spaces can be used in your color palette for your new bathroom space.


Photo by Marilynn Taylor | Vacation Rental Expert

Tips for Adding the Vintage Look to Your Bathroom

  • Consider adding a floral wallpaper. Like the colors of days gone by, wallpaper is making a comeback, and especially if you want a vintage look, there are a lot of great styles that can help you achieve that.
  • Consider painted wood paneling for the walls instead of tile or traditional painted walls. This can be a great way to add a touch of vintage style that’s subtle and easy to install for just about anyone.
  • Always be careful when choosing tiles. Vintage designs include smaller tiles and simple colors like blue, pink, and green. Black and white are also popular, as mentioned, as is the checkerboard pattern for the floors.
  • You can also choose a period-style sink and round mirror to add to that vintage look or pick a more decorative mirror that makes a retro statement.
  • Add a few plants to the space. Remember, vintage is about creating an aesthetic more than focusing on the functional elements of the space.
  • Brass and copper are popular, adding to that “old feel. Exposed plumbing should match the vintage style because modern plumbing would ruin the look.
  • Consider a clawfoot tub that has exposed plumbing or a modern spin on a vintage style that fits your space.
  • If you really want to sell it, you could even invest in a vintage toilet to create the perfect retro space. This isn’t a must, but it will definitely help complete the look.
  • Pendant lights over the vanity and even a huge vanity mirror could finish the vintage look in any bathroom space.
  • If you have any original features in your home that are vintage, try to use them to your advantage when creating your new bathroom.

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Brighton Bright Silver Leaf Ornate Buffet Mirror

Brighton Bright Silver Leaf Ornate Buffet Mirror


When designing your perfect vintage bathroom, consider what vintage means to you. With this information in mind, it should be easier for you to create the best bathroom.

Soft furnishings and warm colors are a good starting point. And remember to take the time to look around online and get inspired by other vintage designs. Consider adding a vintage chair in the corner or putting a skirt around your sink instead of a vanity—so many details can make a big impression.

The bottom line? Think about what your dream vintage bathroom looks like and go out and create it.

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23 Inch Unique Pedestal Bathroom Vanity with Granite

23 Inch Unique Pedestal Bathroom Vanity with Granite

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