Adding Large Showers and Relaxing Spa Features

Some people see the bathroom as a place of function. It serves its purpose and that’s it. However, these days, more and more people are looking at the bathrooms in their homes to spruce things up and enjoy a little bit of the good life without breaking the bank. Making small upgrades to the bathroom to create a spa-like space can greatly improve its function, form, and even the value of your home.

It often starts with choosing a shower. The shower and tub will be the largest fixture(s) in the space; therefore, you’ll want to make sure that they are exactly what you want, and then you can style the rest of the room around that.

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What is Trending in Larger Showers?

It’s becoming increasingly common for people upgrading their bathrooms to add a larger shower and bathtub that provides room for more than one person, in-wall showerheads, and even in some cases, seating or a bench for all your toiletries to be within easy reach. And why wouldn’t we all want a larger shower? It offers more room to move around, more opportunities for premium fixtures and features, and a more upscale presentation that can increase your home value.

Of course, that is, when you do it correctly. You’ll want to make sure that you create functional space as well as space that can be enjoyed. Think about what you want from your shower when designing the space. Use sites like Pinterest and Houzz to get inspiration by seeing what other people do with their spacious showers. And, even when splurging on space and extra features, you have to consider whether you want energy-efficient features like a water-saving showerhead or, say, a steam shower with automated settings so it doesn’t use too much energy.

There’s something to be said for having a nice, spacious shower. However, you have to ensure that you’re utilizing the space and creating a design that’s as functional as it is fabulous to maximize your investment.

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Premium Features for Larger Spaces

Many people also choose premium features for their larger shower or tub. Steam showers and aromatherapy shower heads are becoming popular as they offer health benefits and provide a comfortable, relaxing shower. Steam showers help detoxify the body and help act as a decongestant if you’re stuffed up. Plus, they can aid in stress relief simply by helping you to relax. They also offer benefits like:

  • Reduced joint pain
  • Improved skin moisture
  • Cardiovascular benefits
  • Workout recovery assistance
  • Increased metabolism and potential weight loss

If you decide to add some essential oils, you can create an even more enjoyable shower space. You can DIY your own aromatherapy showers by dropping a few drops of essential oils in the tub, but getting a shower head with the feature is even better if you’re willing to splurge a little. Which oils should you use, though? Here are the most popular choices for aromatherapy showers and baths:

  • Relaxing: lavender, patchouli, chamomile, sandalwood, other warm scents
  • Energizing: peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus, citrus oils
Ceiling Mount Cylinder Shower Head

Ceiling Mount Cylinder Shower Head

Of course, you can try any of your favorite scents and see how they work in the shower. If you don’t have a fancy showerhead, consider using a washcloth or cotton face pads to “carry” the oils. You can’t just drop them on the floor; they’ll wash right down the drain.

Soaking tubs are a growing trend in home bathrooms. As more people turn their homes into their luxury getaway, having a spa-like bathroom is high on the list. And what’s a spa bathroom without a giant tub big enough to relax and unwind in? There are several different types and sizes of tubs to choose from, including those with jets and other features to add to the relaxation.

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Stainless Steel Thermostatic Shower Massage Panel

Stainless Steel Thermostatic Shower Massage Panel

Pros and Cons of Updating or Remodeling the Shower

So, what’s the pros and cons list here? Every remodeling project has one, and it will be up to you to weigh both sides to decide how to proceed. Upgrading your bathroom with a new shower can be a good investment. It also may be something that you aren’t quite ready for. Here’s what to consider.


  • A renovated bathroom with modern fixtures and premium features can increase your home value
  • A more enjoyable space
  • A more functional space
  • Updated ventilation, tiling, and other finishes for fewer germs and easier cleaning
  • You will have a shower that’s also more accessible, which may come in handy in the future
  • Modern showers are usually of the walk-in variety, making them accessible and versatile
  • More space
  • Modern design
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  • The cost of bathroom remodels, even when you’re just upgrading the shower, can get quite high
  • Deciding which contractor to use can be challenging
  • Not all contractors will have the same rates or materials
  • You can’t really DIY a shower upgrade unless you’re a plumbing or renovation expert yourself
  • You may have to re-route plumbing and that can get expensive

As you can see, for the most part, the pros outweigh the cons because as long as you have a budget in mind and plan the project smartly, you will have no trouble getting everything you want without breaking the bank. And, if you ever decide to sell, you’ll have an even better listing price, thanks to that snazzy updated bathroom.

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Adjustable Slide Rail Hand Shower Unit

Adjustable Slide Rail Hand Shower Unit

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, it comes down to what you want from your space. If you do it right, you can create an impressive walk-in shower or even a spa-like bathroom space with a luxury shower and soaking tub. The sky is truly the limit, depending on your budget and desires. Make sure that you choose a bathroom contractor that knows how to help you create the right design for what you have in mind because that assistance will be invaluable.

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