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  • Buying a Home—Doesn’t Need To Be Scary for the Savvy Investor

    Another gem from Angie’s List. Many consumers today are scared to try to purchase a home in today’s shaky market. Emily Udell, a writer for the newsletter, says that “Despite housing market challenges, 2011 still may be a good time to buy or refinance.” Why does she think that? Last year, interest rates on mortgages hit an all time low. Thirty years ago, they were three times as high! So while some banks are making it a little harder to get a loan, (a credit score requirement has been increased with some lenders) it’s still worth it for those who can. And though the resale values of homes today is not what it used to be; many homeowners are opting to keep their property when they move out, using them as rentals for an extra source of income. The moral of the story? If you’re looking to purchase a new home, take a deep breath and dive in. With lowered mortgage rates and the value of homes decreasing, a consumer that does their homework can find themselves getting a good bargain at an interest rate they can live with. So, with that said, Happy Hunting! Your new home is out there waiting for you to find it!

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