Avoid Issues in the Bathroom Ensure Proper Ventilation

bathroom ventilation

Moisture is defiantly the enemy inside the bathroom; proper ventilation is key to keeping mold and other issues out. Windows provide lots of free flow air for such problems, but not all bathrooms have a window. So what can be done to address these kinds of issues? Well, determine what year the home is, older homes have much less ventilation for any room in your home. Newer homes more than likely have vents or fans to keep air moving inside the bathroom, thus keeping the space dry and moisture free.

If your dealing with an older home then find out exactly where ventilation should be coming and going. Attic spaces are usually the first area to search. Make sure moisture isn’t rising to those areas, mold may be an issue; if that’s the case remove it immediately. Identify the problem and take action, improper airflow can result in mold, mold is a huge problem that one homeowner wants.

If you can’t tackle the problem yourself hire someone to come in and clean it out. If no mold is present your on the right track. Add a vent that goes directly from your bathroom to the attic, then another vent that goes directly through the roof. Air wants to escape so create an airflow that allows it.

Windows can make a big difference in not only proper airflow but for natural lighting. During warmer months, open the window after a shower. It only takes a few minutes for steam to clear out and it will not allow moisture to build up that may other wise end up on walls or the ceiling.

Try installing a bathroom fan, this to will help air moving up and out of the space. Ventilation in your bathroom can easily be fixed using one or both of these methods. Don’t forget to still check the attic space, to ensure nothing is in the way of the project if you decide to install a vent of a fan.

Condensation can occur thus keeping moisture trapped inside the bathroom. Flexible ductwork should be installed to avoid problems with a vent trap or ceiling fan. Have a home inspector come by to assess how big the area is and what type of fan or vent is needed. Not all bathrooms have a shower stall so figuring out which part of the house you need to focus on is important.

Again, hire someone who has the knowledge and knowhow to install vents for proper airflow. Air travels up so attics, walls and roofs need to have a place for this air to escape through. All bathrooms should have some sort of ventilation to remove moisture from the air. Direct access to attics or vents is where air needs to be. A few simple steps will keep your bathroom dry and most importantly mold free.

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