Showerhead 101


Modern showerheads are appearing in bathroom showers everywhere. With more style, design and colors homeowners are looking for the latest and greatest. Let’s explore the different types of showerheads that are available on the market today.

There’s nothing like taking an invigorating hot shower with the best technology has to offer.

The modern European shower body panel is the hottest showerhead around. This smooth sleek experience not only feels great it also look great. With water streaming overhead, these shower panels offer digital temperature gauges so you don’t have to fight the shower handles for the perfect temp. Most of these come with a removable shower wand for all around cleanness. Stylish yet functional the shower panel is a great choice.

Rain showerheads provide a soothing, relaxing shower experience. The main design of the rain showerhead is large in a circular shape. The fixture may be attached to the ceiling or hangs above the person head. A slow flow of water slowly cascades down onto the body. Making it feel like your taking a shower in the rain.

Glass showerheads are now being used to create unique styles for the modern shower. Multiple holes allow water to pass through giving them a soft waterfall feel, making them very effective and not to mention contemporary. But glass isn’t the only modern material used in the bathroom. Chrome also makes durable fixtures giving them a new and shiny appeal. If well taken care of, chrome can last for years.

Lighting has also made it’s way into the shower, as a matter of fact light can be found inside the showerhead it self.  LED lights are lightening up showers with new showerheads to create an ambiance for the individual. Changing colors can change the mood for the person taking a shower making them very unique as oppose to traditional shower time.

Not all showerheads are affixed completely to the wall, the base yes but the head itself can be removed for someone to control the flow of water. A dial that moves around the showerhead gives off a different flow of pressure, some are soft trickles of water, others blast out streams of water. Giving the shower user complete control of water while they bathe. Massage settings can be found in the modern day sprayer making the shower experience like no other.

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