Standard Height For Towel Bars and Toilet Paper Holders

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In today’s ask the contractor questions we are featuring another important part of a bathroom remodel that shouldn’t be overlooked. It seems like something simple, but often times when even the simplest of things are done wrong, it can cause major annoyances down the road. So we posed the question to the Contractor on staff regarding the industry standard height of the towel bars and toilet paper holders  in bathroom remodels. For towel bars, he mentioned that guest towel bars or any other towel bars should be hung so the towel hangs about 16″ above a countertop. If  you are hanging bath towels and there is nothing under the towel bar 48″ to 54″ is a good height for the bar. For toilet paper holders he mentioned that 24″ is a good height for the holder regardless of the toilet height.

Randy Ritzenthaler

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