How Much Should a Basic Bathroom Remodel Cost? Total Bill?

A basic remodel of a bathroom should cost anywhere from $5000 to $7,000.  There are many factors that can drive this cost in either direction.  Size of the bathroom is one, for the fact that tile material and labor to install it is priced by the square foot.  If you are going to change the tile or tub surround then it is a good idea to replace the tub/shower valve while you have the wall open and this also allows for updating the color or trim of the fixture. Tile material can vary in price from $1 per square foot to $50 but there is a very large selection in the $5 range.   Same with bathroom vanities; depends on if you are buying a small pedestal sink vanity for $100 or a large double vanity for $2500.   Additional lighting, new mirror, and painting usually are incorporated with a bathroom remodel and can all be done within this range.

Double Vanity

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