Decorating with Rustic Chandeliers

Whether you’re creating, redecorating, or currently have a cozy rustic-style home, a fantastic addition to the space is a rustic chandelier. Coming in several styles and sizes, this type of chandelier will pull together the overall appearance of the space and generate a focal point for all the other decorative items you may want to incorporate.

Chandeliers are essential in any decor project since because a good light fixture can bring the space together, particularly in the dining room. Consequentially, if you incorporate a rustic wrought iron chandelier, the rest of the dining room will gradually turn rustic as well with the addition of a few coordinating pieces. However, don’t get stuck in the dining room, because this tip goes for the living room and really any other room in the home too.

Some Suggestions:

Looking for rawhide and leather chandelier lamp shades for your wrought iron chandelier is an ideal way to achieve a brilliant western-feeling design. These merge very well with wood-based furniture and southwestern accents. It is quite common to find these types of fixtures in hunting lodges, western homes, and restaurants where a rustic or western design theme is incorporated. It’s actually very simple to apply western design into your house just by installing a rustic chandelier.

Since you’re going for a rustic theme, know what rustic design is all about. The rustic color scheme usually involves natural and earth tones such as browns and greens. The natural color of rawhide evokes a certain warmth and welcoming atmosphere. One main reason leather lighting fixtures are so popular is because of the wide range of choices. When redesigning with a certain color palette, you have your choice of several different colors of rawhide shade, so coordinating is a snap.

No matter which design you choose for your rustic themed space, if you choose a good quality rustic chandelier, you’re sure to impress your guests. Many rustic chandeliers are made by hand, presenting a particular uniqueness that is absent in many commercially produced lighting fixtures.

These days, you’ll be able to find chandeliers in rustic designs that don’t use real candles. You can now find candle chandeliers that are fitted with special bulbs that imitate candlelight. A popular choice among homebuyers is a large wrought iron chandelier with leather chandelier lamp shades. These are ideally placed above a dining table or the front hall for that truly rustic feel.

As with any home project, safety is a priority. If you have never worked with electricity, you may consider hiring an electrician for your home lighting project.


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