Use Vessel Sinks in Your Bathrooms for a Contemporary Style

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out just what you can do to make your bathroom look more unique and interesting. Most people just get the standard bathroom sinks with the cabinets underneath. However, there are other options available, and they are becoming a lot more popular lately. One option that you might not have thought of for your bathroom is the use of vessel sinks.

Vessel sinks are similar in looks to bowls that are placed on top of counters. They are a bit reminiscent of the basins people used to use to wash with before the use of running water in homes. However, they are used in conjunction with faucets and work just like regular sinks. The main difference is that they sit on top of your counter instead of being dropped into the counter.

These sinks can be made out of all sorts of different materials. You can get glass vessel sinks, as well as those made out of stone, various metals, ceramic, and even wood. They can also be very decorative, since they are meant to be seen. Some have designs painted on them. You can even match the color of the sink to your decor since these sinks come in all different colors, from the neutrals to very bright color options. For those with a lot of money to spare you can even get sinks made out of gem stones. These sometimes have really unique free form shapes and look gorgeous.

Unlike regular sinks for the bathroom, which are pretty much all the same shape, with vessel sinks you can get many different shapes of sinks. There are square sinks, round sinks, oval sinks, even sinks with fluted tops for a little something different. There are free form options as well in a number of different materials.

Choosing this type of sink gives you so many different decorating options, since you can choose a sink that really suits your style. Besides the sink, you also have more options for the base vessel sink vanity cabinets that you put your sink on. This can lead to your having a really unique bathroom that people will comment on.

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