DIY Bathroom Remodel: Average Costs Vanities, Plumbing & More

You have decided to remodel your bathroom, but need to set a budget.  Before you can do this, you will need to have some expectation of what an average remodel costs.  For the do it yourselfer, you can save a lot in labor costs alone.  But it depends on your experience too.  There are some elements to remodeling that are simple, and there are some that require skilled trades.  This article provides some average costs for the major items involved in a typical bathroom remodel.  


This can vary widely.  For low end, paint grade unfinished bathroom vanity cabinets, you can spend an average of $75/linear ft, to the upper end of $250/linear foot with an additional $100/foot to finish.


The average price of the plumbing will depend on how much work is involved.  Do you plan to just install new fixtures, or will you need to move the toilet or shower from the existing location?  If you are just changing fixtures, you can expect to spend an average of $600; if you need to make major plumbing changes, you could spend up to $2,600.  Adding a Jacuzzi tub can add at least $1,000 to the budget.


Budget $200-$500 for mirrors.  Mirrors can be as simple as standard size mirrors with no framing to custom cut vanity mirrors from a glass shop or decorative mirrors that match your design.

Lighting & Electrical

Changing out light fixtures can start at an average of $100 and up; to change the layout of the existing lighting, adding recessed can lights and installing quiet exhaust fans can cost up to $1,500.


The average floor labor install can cost between $4-$6/square ft, and the material can cost $2-$20/square ft.  Most bathrooms have tiled floor, but concrete, vinyl and wood are also alternatives.


An average one piece surround shower will cost $400; if you plan to add a tile shower, you can expect the averages to be similar to the flooring averages outlined above.  This will be highly dependant on the material you choose. Adding a frameless shower door can average $1,000.


For simple textured walls, an average budget is $600, while an artistic or plaster finish can cost up to $2,500.


A prefabricated cultured marble top with integrated sink can cost $100.  A natural stone top, such as granite or marble can cost an average of $65/square ft, which includes material, fabrication and installation.


Accessories include towel bars, toilet paper holders and hooks.  A good budget amount is $100-$500 depending on the finish.  Simple chrome fixtures are at the lower end; oil rubbed bronze is considered higher end.

Labor costs will be the biggest factor to consider, and is dependent on your labor market.  Before starting any remodel project, make a list of all planned changes, and prepare a detailed budget for each item.  It is easy to go over budget on any remodel project.

Written By: Julia Ritzenthaler